We sold our home in Armstrong in multiple offer situation for over list price after "Coming Soon" campaign to alert the market and on leverage product demand. 

Brell was amazing and professional from the word hello. During the entire process of listing and selling our home, she was there to help us with accurate information and suggestions. The entire process felt comfortable and positive. I would HIGHLY recommend Brell to anyone who wants to buy or sell their home with confidence!


When my son decided to make the move from renter to homeownership, I was thrilled and excited about his decision to take the next step. As his mother living 2 provinces away, I felt I was in a knowledgeable position to give advise since I have bought and sold a few houses myself over the decades.

My advice was, first, not to rush into this big investment, take your time and start to look at what's out there in the market. Second piece of advice was to compare houses, prices, apples to apples sort of idea. And of course, as anyone in real estate would strongly recommend, location, location, location.

Elspeth Manning was his real estate agent. She showed him 2 houses in his budget. House 1 was a fixer upper that would required a small fortune to repair to make it livable adding extra money to the purchase price. House number 2 was the one. It was perfect. It met the criteria my son was looking for in a house. The search was ended and he quickly put in an offer that was accepted by the sellers.

Elspeth was there to help with her knowledge and expertise along the way. There were a few unexpected challenges that crept up, dealing with insurance and minor adjustments that needed to happen for the deal to close. Elspeth was a huge help in provided assistance to our son and he was able to realize his dream of homeownership. I was confident and trusted Elspeth that she was looking after my son's best interest. 


Bought a new home in Gallagher's Canyon Kelowna BC relocating from Prince George. 

Before we connected with Brell, we were concerned that we would have to endure a relationship where the REALTOR® would say and do just about anything to make a sale. Not all RealEstate agents are created equal. Obtaining trust was one of the biggest obstacles we faced at the start of our search. We soon found that anything that she presented to us she was always able to back it up with data.
 Her response time was excellent,and as for understanding our requirements ,well we really didn't understand them at times! She hung in there with us through it all,and we ended up with our forever home!
We really appreciated her  HONESTY, endless patience  and knowledge of the Real Estate Market, BUT never being pushy.
As the actual sales transaction occurred,w e conducted a lot of our business long distance. Brell made this as stress free as possible and was  in constant contact with us - and was always willing to change direction on a moments notice. We did not expect it to work as well as it did; we don't believe that there was anything that she could have done any better for us. Her approach worked.
Overall our the impression we left with was that Brell was
  • Knowledgable, 
  • Honest, 
  • Patient,  and had
  • Great Ideas
We believe she covered it all.

G & C Stewart

Bought a lot to build vacation / retirement home on.

We felt we  had a fairly high level understanding with only limited experience -  we knew we needed to work with a realtor.Our perception expanded greatly as we moved towards reality - we didn't realize the potential complications with respect to buying raw land in BC -Brell helped to guide us around all of these details such as the soil testing - PERC test requirement.

We connected over the Internet -Brell responded to one  of our earlier enquiries on a property - we especially appreciated her gentle, non aggressive approach to represent us and very respectful in case we were working with another realtor.

 We had only limited knowledge of the local area. Her approach, responsiveness, experience and knowledge of the area allowed us to commit to representation. Especially appreciated that the small size of our purchase did not  dissuade her from providing us with top notch service.

Key areas for us were:

  • Respect, 
  • responsiveness and 
  • experience

We were reluctant going into this but your professionalism and knowledge set us at ease right away- can't think of any area of improvements. Always work with a realtor, especially if you are from out of province!